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Hello, I'm Susanne, a 22 years old student from Pardubice, Czech republic. My blog Heels, Hockey and History (read more about the title here) documents my life, gathers memories and shares love for basically everything that tickles my mind - from girly things to anything boy-ish, since I'm a complete tomboy.

I'm that girl sitting in the back of a hockey rink, reading The Warren Commision Report... okay, so far that has only happened once, but if you're looking for me, by the ice is the place to find me, most time of the year. I can't even imagine what my life would be without ice-hockey and all the amazing people I've met because of it.

I'm a person full of sarcasm, a heart of gold and a lover when it comes to the simple small things life has to offer. I'm independent, loyal, stubborn, shy, realistic, determined, ambitious, humble and everything that falls in between. I'm Czech, but I usually drink more tea than beer. And I've got the weirdest family background I could possibly ask for.

I started to workout in 2009 and I also consider fitness a huge part of my identity. I've been battling to fix my awful eating habits since then, but it's a never ending story. It's hard, but it's just an obstacle and obstacles are motivation.

This blog is a reflection of who I am and what my life is about. I blog to express, not impress.

A to Z
Ambitious. Brusque. Cynical. Determined. Endorphinaholic. Fierce. Grumpy. Humble. Impatient. Joyful. Keen. Loyal. Mean. Naughty. Obdurate. Passionate. Querulous. Reckless. Stubborn. Tameless. Unrelenting. Vying. Wishful. X. Young. Zealous.

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