January 01, 2017


I love lists. I love goals. And I love new starts.

And I feel like I´m more ready than ever. Here are my resolutions for 2017:

Focus more on my health. 
I have been on and off sick for 4 months now. My immune system had always been a non-existing thing, but what my health condition turned into during the fall of 2016 is no joke.

Less processed food.
I am highly conviced this comes hand in hand with the previous point. My diet needs to stop being based on chocolate and junk food.

Get back into the gym.
Because of being sick for the whole fall, I only had like 1 or 2 proper workouts since August. I´d like to workout for 17 hours every month of 2017.

Try new classes.
Whether it´s in the gym or at school, I want to grow. 17 is probably too much to achieve, but why not put it here as a goal as well.

Start reading more.
This doesn´t need any explanation, right? 17 books this year.

Appreciate the present.
In 2016, I went on a business trip, graduated from university or visited Sweden & I feel like I didn´t fully enjoy any of these. I need to start realising what´s happening before it´s gone.

Get into featherweight. 
Of the UFC weight category. It has been a while. A really long while, lol. On the „17“ note, featherweight doesn´t require me to lose 17kg, but that would be nice.

Stop spending so much money on food. 
And start saving more money.

What are your resolutions?