May 28, 2014

The story behind my blog's name

I wanted my blog name to briefly describe myself, so everybody knows who I am without reading a word from my posts and gets a hint of want to expect at the same time. It gets a bit twisted, but I am quite happy with what “brand“ I came up with.

'Heels' stands for my girly self. Even thought sometimes I'm not a girly-girl at all, I enjoy all the little pros and cons of being a girl. I love to wear high heels and I never leave the house without my nails painted. I also think the 'fitness/health' part of my blog belong to this category because to look good and feel good is mostly women's bussiness.

'Hockey' is... well, even if I never went to a hockey game ever again for the rest of my life, there would still be a bunch of years that I spent by watching hockey games, talking about games or being excited about games. That's just a part of my life that can't be erased. Not to mention that I plan my life around the hockey season schledule.

'History' was my favourite subject back at school and a topic that I'm really interested in. I used to read books about historical events, I watch historical documentaries, especially about WWII and from history, I also love the period of 18th century in Russia. 'History' in the name of this blog also represents the fact that I blog about my everyday life and every single step doesn't only affect the future, but also creates the past.

And I love the fact all three start with an H.